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Message from Dean

Osaka University School of Dentistry provides the highest standard education

Message from Dean

Osaka University School of Dentistry was founded in April 1951 (Showa year of 26), as the first and the only dental school among the former Imperial Universities that was independent from a medical school. Since the foundation, we have developed and fostered a community of global leaders in Japan, with our mission to provide the highest standard education in dentistry. By studying at the Osaka University School of Dentistry—the preeminent school of dental medicine in the country that offers a unique educational environment not found elsewhere—, exciting and inspiring career awaits for the students.

Educating leaders in the profession with scientific minds and abilities

Dental treatment has been progressed as the surgical therapy, primarily removing legion and restoring the missing tooth structure, mainly based on the advancement of dental technologies such as materials and devices. Since the 1980’s, however, science has made its progress in capturing the life phenomenon at a molecular and cellular level that has also brought a revolution to the field of dentistry. It has, thus, become a requirement for the dentists to understand not only the anatomy and function of human body but also molecular, cellular and genetic mechanisms underpinning disorders, to ensure effective practice including making precise diagnosis, offering evidence-based treatments, and providing a preventative care.

Osaka University School of Dentistry integrates the conventional dentistry with the cutting-edge life science, to educate the leaders in the profession who can pave their way to the next-generation dental science such as regenerative medicine and preventative dental medicine, with their excellence in science.

Educating leaders in the profession with a sense of mission to impact peoples’ lives

Dental and oral medicine encompasses practices related to the teeth, gum, alveolar bone, tongue, oral mucosa, and the maxillofacial complex. The dental care goes beyond treating tooth decay and periodontal diseases, to treating eating disorders and speech impediment. Importantly, the healthy living in the elderly depends on oral hygiene. By maintaining the oral hygiene, one can prevent infectious diseases including bacterial pneumonia; and mastication keeps the whole bodily motor function in control, extending the healthy lifespan.

Our goal is to foster a community of students in dental care profession with understanding the impact of oral health on the quality of life, and with a sense of mission to help enrich peoples’ lives with the excellent knowledge and skills.