Department of Biomaterials Science

Our department was established in 1951 as one of the six initial departments in Faculty of Dentistry, Osaka University. We are conducting wide variety of research to develop novel biomaterials and biodevices for reconstructive and regenerative treatment of oral and craniofacial diseases.


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Satoshi Imazato
Associate Professor
Satoshi Yamaguchi
Assistant Professor
Jun'ich Sasaki
Assistant Professor
Haruo Kitagawa


For undergraduate study, physico-chemical characteristics, as well as fabrications and processing of oral biomaterials, including metals, polymers and ceramics are taught in the basic course. We also offer an advanced program to learn about the most up-to-date materials science, such as scaffold materials for tissue engineering or CAD/CAM systems.


Main research focus in our department is to develop novel biomaterials and biodevices, such as bio-active/functional dental restorative materials. We are also investigating application of tissue engineering, biomechanics, or computer-based technology for innovative treatment methods of oral and craniofacial diseases. Research topics performed in our lab are as follows.
1. Development of bio-active/functional restorative materials
2. Innovation of polymer materials and devices for denture prosthesis
3. Development of novel tissue engineering scaffold
4. Material-based approach for cell and tissue manipulation
5. Mechanics of oral biomaterials and biological tissues
6. Application of VR and AR for dental treatment
We have world-wide collaboration with research departments of university and dental materials industry.

Antibacterial monomer MDPB and its killing effects against biofilm cells

Cell spheroids fabricated by using MEMS technique

Finite element model of titanium implant