Center for Frontier Oral Science

Center for Frontier Oral Science was established in 2009 as a research institute of basic and clinical oral science in response to the necessity of education / research on Frontier Oral Science and the advancement of the time.
Our mission is dedicating research on Oral Science to contribute the development of innovative research with looking at the future and applying the results of our study for advanced medical treatment in 21st century.


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Takeshi Noda
Associate Professor
Nobuo Okahashi
Assistant Professor
Shintaro Kira
Assistant Professor
Yasuhiro Araki
Assistant Professor


We have frontier research branch and research support branch.
Frontier research branch has been conducting 17 public-offered researches in regard to the following 3 department-interactive projects that are the commitment of Graduate School of Dentistry, “living better, eating better and having a better life”.
1. Research project of “living better”
2. Research project of “having a better life”
3. Research project of “eating better”

Research support branch manages and administers advanced research equipment with the support from Central Research Laboratory.