Department of Removable Prosthodontics

This department was established in 1953. The present chair is Professor Yoshinobu Maeda. More than 50 faculty members are working on research, education and clinical practice.


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Associate Professor
Kazunori Ikebe
Associate Professor
Tomoya Gonda
Associate Professor
Masahiro Wada
Assistant Professor
Ken-ichi Matsuda
Assistant Professor
Masaaki Yamamoto
Assistant Professor
Toshihito Takahashi
Assistant Professor
Taiji Ogawa


Postgraduate education (Research targets)

Department of Removable Prosthodontics focuses on “Prosthodontics to prevent further loss of tooth and jaw bone as well as to improve quality of life.” In these regard, we have been working on basic and clinical research on interdisciplinary treatments, especially overdenture supported with minimal number of implants.
On chewing and swallowing ability, we developed the original sensor system for tongue pressure and are investigating the coordination of onset of tongue pressure in swallowing in clinical cases. With findings of this study, we have tried to improve the quality of outcome in maxillofacial prosthodontics and oral myofunctional therapy.
In geriatric dentistry, we have been driving epidemiological and clinical researches on chewing, salivary function, tasting, oral sensation, and quality of life. In sports dentistry, we have addressed injury prevention with oral appliance, association of occlusion on breathing and general exercise by field survey, physiological study and imaging with MRI.
Research outcomes in these studies have provided evidences for clinical practice.

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