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Message from Dean

Message from Dean

Dean, Graduate School of Dentistry, Professor Atsuo Amano

Dental Research in the 21st Century

In general, most people think of dentistry as a kind of art, and may hold a mental image of a practitioner skillfully drilling and filling teeth. However, such ideas come from previous decades. Molecular biology methods introduced in the 1980s have brought new understanding of life phenomena in terms of the activities of molecules and, as a result, dental research has drastically changed, with new therapies developed from analyses of molecular functions as well as understanding gained of the phenomena of heredity, immunity, and neurology at the molecular level. Thus, modern dentistry now includes the field of bioscience, which attracts the greatest amount of research attention. In addition, high-profile regenerative medicine (medical procedures used for regenerating and restoring body tissue once lost) is more advanced in dentistry than other fields. On the other hand, genomic dentistry has the greatest potential for development in the foreseeable future. Future developments in dental research will search for solutions for not only dental caries and periodontal diseases, but also problems involving with eating and speaking, which are largely concerned with quality of life, as oral function is indispensable for humans to have a satisfactory life. In this context, we aim to provide dental health care that allows our patients to have “a better life, to eat and live better,” which is more than simply treating dental diseases.

Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry Opens the Frontier of Biodentistry

Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry has set the large goal of not only training skillful clinical dentists, but also producing leading researchers in the most advanced areas of dental health care. We aim to realize a “better life, to eat and live better” for our patients by promoting and developing biodentistry research projects that involve the oral cavity, which is essential to sustain quality of life in a variety of ways. With these objectives in mind, we are pushing forward to create an advanced field of biodentistry, which we call Frontier Biodentistry (FBD), in which traditional dentistry, with its focus on material and technical aspects, and molecular cellular biology-oriented oral science function together. Our research has attained the highest level in Japan and our school is one of the top five research institutes in the world. Taking advantage of our position as a graduate school belonging to a large university, we actively engage in joint research projects with other fields of study pursued at our university, such as medicine and biology. Thus, Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry is considered to provide an outstanding environment for students interested in bioscience, as well as other research fields such as regenerative dentistry, by taking advantage of biotechnology experts, and well as those trained in the prevention of dental caries and periodontal diseases.