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Outline of Graduate School of Dentistry

Oral Bioscience as the Entrance to Gain in the QOL

The mouth can be “the entrance” to the living life. Eating, speaking and face expression, which can be performed by the maxillo-facial system, are indispensable not only for life maintenance but also for psychosocial health. On the other hand, the maxillo-facial system is continuously put at risk of invasion of toxic substances and bacteria, and consequently the threat of illness is very large.
The sensory-motor disorders of maxillo-facial system have great influences on the QOL. In recent years, functional disorders of the mastication, swallowing and speaking, are growing social problem with the increase in elderly people, or with the improvement in the rate of lifesaving of cerebrovascular accident patients and oral cancer patients. Therefore, the social request to the research on the function and disorder of maxillo-facial system is now very large. Furthermore, the trigeminal nervous system controlling the maxillo-facial system has been characterized as distinct from the spinalnervous system, and its scientific significance is very high.
The Graduate School of Dentistry performs the most advanced researches on the health and disease of oral function and structure, in wide-ranging aspects from the molecule to the human behavior level. In Japan, Osaka University is the only national university corporation, which has the graduate school of dentistry independently from that of the medical school.